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I honestly don’t know what I am supposed to do right now. I do not want to live in this hell hole anymore. I can’t move, because I am not making enough money to afford a place to myself. I can’t live with my girlfriend and her mom, because that means I have to get a job there and there are no jobs available. I do want to jump off a cliff, but there are no cliffs around and I do not want to leave my girlfriend, because she is my world. And I wanna discover the world with her, but the world is so fucked up that I am afraid to travel. All I want right now is a cabin in the woods or near the beach, with an internet connection, so we can watch Netflix all day or just listen to some music. Just me, my girlfriend and our baby’s. Her cat and my bunny. Cuddling and drinking tea. That’s all I want.

Thank you so much, darling! Hope you are doing well ❤️❤️

Hi! I’m so sorry for the late reply, but I answered to your e-mail! Just in case you didn’t receive it:

Hi sweety. First of all, I am so, so sorry for the late reply! I haven’t checked social media often lately.

Most relationships start with friendship. And I can tell by your story, that you guys are both into each other. There’s no other way! First things first, you have to find out how you feel about your current boyfriend. Are there still feelings? How do you picture yourself in 5 years, with or without him? How do you feel when he touches you, when he kisses you? Do you want it to be him, or do you want it to be someone else, like G? It’s very important for you to get those things straight, so you can go further in this process. If you feel like you still want to be in the relationship, try to just be friends with G. Don’t meet up that often and try to talk a little less. Otherwise he will get the wrong impression. 
It can also be something else. Maybe you just don’t feel like you’re in a good relationship and you start to seeking attention or just an arm around your shoulder. Some comfort. Maybe that’s G. for you. But if you feel like it’s more than that, that you do have feelings for him, you have to break up with your current boyfriend. Not because of G! Because of you, because your happiness comes first :) If you do want to figure out how he feels about you, without ruining your friendship try to sneak that little thing into the conversation. Like: “Hey, I was thinking. You said this thing the other day about you feeling weird around me, I am kinda feeling the same way.” Something like that. Conversations like that are scary, but trust me, it will help a lot! If you are afraid of saying it in person, try to send him a text message or and e-mail. Because it’s really important that you talk to him about it. Because if he is not into you, no big deal! Plenty of other fish in the sea + he apparently has no idea what he’s gonna miss!! If he is into you, you can talk about it and see where the ship takes you. Just go with the flow!
I hope this (very delayed) message helps you a little bit! Keep me updated, and for further questions, you can always e-mail me back! And I promise, pinky promise, that I will reply a loooooot faster!!
Good luck, my dear!
- Christie